About Goddard Family Farms

Designated by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture as a century farm for over 100 years of continuous agricultural production, the farm got its start in commercial cattle, which consistently topped the market and weaned the heaviest calves in the area. Since, it has evolved into a progressive seedstock operation that strives to produce cattle that will be well-adapted to fescue and excel in functional economic traits in our Southeastern climate.

Our cattle philosophy is simple. No Fads and No Extremes! We expect our cattle to be fertile, efficient, sound in feet and confirmation, and wean calves at least 50% of the dams weight. Our cattle perform on grass and with the same management considerations that our neighbors use. Our cattle graze on forage and are fed hay and baleage during the winter months. We believe that a sound commercial operation must employ a well thought out cross breeding system, leading us to the decision to utilize Simmental cattle in our program. The bottomline is that our cattle are maternal in every way. Breeding cattle this way is a marathon and not a sprint! We employ a battery of walking herd bulls that are expected to do what God designed them to do. Multiply! We also use AI and ET technologies on our very best proven mature females. We do not flush heifers. Visitors and inquiries are always welcome.